1. Campaign Optimisation Introduction

B2B Outreach Optimization Process

A good rule of thumb for success in general is to never stop learning. Experts are not born. They are people who constantly learn and stay disciplined while practising their skills. While I like to think of myself as a B2B outreach expert, I am also constantly learning new things. New trends are emerging every day. New tools are being discovered. I mean, look at you. You are here. That means you have taken your first step towards success. Good job!

While we are at success, it’s of the essence to point out that optimizing your outreach campaign is key to its success. 

Measuring the key metrics of your campaigns is one of the steps to extract insights that further enhance your outreach efforts or identify areas of improvement in your outreach process.

What better way to learn and expand your knowledge than by doing it yourself?

Optimising The Outreach Campaign

Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations! You have reached the final chapter of this academy's framework courses section - campaign optimization. 🥳 It may be the last step on the ladder, but it’s so important. The cherry on top. Without it, the results of your efforts wouldn’t be as sweet. 

  • How would you know if your outreach efforts are sufficient?
  • How can you determine if your outreach campaign is successful?
  • Is a 10% acceptance rate acceptable?

Nobody likes to review their work. It’s a dull task, I know. But it may be the most crucial step of the journey. 😃 Keeping a record of all your efforts and a thorough review will surely give you insights into where to focus your outreach and help you understand which messages resonate with your target audience and which do not.

Remember, without a good campaign report, optimization is impossible. You cannot better your campaign if you don’t know how it performs.

  • Hmm, can this LinkedIn message work better than the previous one?
  • Hmm, can this email subject line perform better than the other one?

But don’t be alarmed, as you don’t have to track literally EVERYTHING. It can be exhausting and overwhelming. 😔 So, my advice is to focus on five to ten key aspects and make the most of them.

You need to test and know what works best the next time you pitch your services.

LinkedIn and Email are the holy grail of B2B outreach. Even though they are different types of channels they have a common goal - scheduling a meeting.

Measuring LinkedIn:

  • Invitations sent
  • Invitations accepted
  • Engaged in conversation
  • Opt-out
  • Warm leads
  • Ongoing conversations
  • Meetings scheduled

Measuring Email:

  • Emails sent
  • Emails delivered and opened
  • Engaged in conversation
  • Opt-out
  • Warm leads
  • Ongoing conversations
  • Meetings scheduled

P.S. I did not perform these tests on my clients. Nah-ah! Instead, they were conducted in our BizzBee Laboratory. 😎

P.P.S. There is no universal rule of thumb or method that works for everybody. 🙂

Outreach Campaign Optimisation

When measuring an outreach campaign, you need to establish metrics for the outreach channel you have chosen to use (LinkedIn, Еmail, or both). While these channels may differ in approach initially, they all work towards the same goal - scheduling a meeting. This concept is illustrated below.

Flavour Refining Framework for Campaign Optimisation

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