1. Nurture introduction

How to convert the leads in your database to interested prospects? And how to convert those prospects into paying customers? Well, I cannot give you straight up a magic formula (I wish it was that easy), but instead, I will teach you the next best thing - prospect nurture. Nurture consists of all online communication and messaging interactions you have with your prospect, and it starts at the very moment they've responded back to your initial outreach message. My nurture framework is designed in a way that through various conversation-starting messages, you are able to drive the prospect through the sales funnel, in a careful and meticulous way, that ultimately leads to scheduling a meeting or a call. How do you achieve that? Stick around to find out more.

Prospects Nurture

Oh, nurturing those cold prospects it's my second favourite thing to do in the whole world.😊 Of course, right after transferring all the knowledge I've accumulated to YOU. Yes, I tend to be unselfish like that, and I absolutely love it.🥰 The nurture starts when someone responds to the automated campaign. The primary purpose of the automated campaign is to push the ideal client with different hooks.🙂

But once someone responds, they are removed from the automated sequence and moved towards manual nurture.

To Those who've responded to your manual nurture, it does not mean that you should go straight to a sell or a pitch. Once the conversation starts, you have to drop your assumptions, and start asking questions. 

Another thing you have to do is to differentiate between LinkedIn nurturing and email nurturing.😃 You can't possibly expect the same kind of conversation on LinkedIn and email. But the thing these two have in common is the need for relationship building.🤝

Imagine the whole process as a funnel. The funnel consists of different layers that you have to pass. And that means different messages within those different layers. To highlight the obstacles you'll have to pass during your prospect nurturing:

  1. Response obstacle,
  2. Problem obstacle,
  3. Solution obstacle and
  4. Meeting obstacle.

Throughout the funnel, you will surely receive a lot of "No's." Otherwise, this would not be shaped like a funnel, but rectangular.🤷🏿‍♂️ Interestingly, a "No" has a completely different meaning at different stages of the nurturing process: 

  • At the beginning, a "no" probably means that the prospects don't want to engage in a relationship. 
  • On the other hand, a "no" at the meeting stage means that they're still not convinced that you can help. 

Another crucial aspect of the nurturing process is the marketing support.🤩 If you have testimonials, case studies, white papers, or if you are positioned as a guru in the field, it will make the transition as smooth as possible.


P.S. Consider the"No" as feedback. Any feedback is always much better than none. 😉

Lead Nurturing

Below is an illustration of the approach my company BizzBee uses when nurturing the leads we've generated. In each conversation, there are a couple of obstacles that need to be overcome to successfully navigate the lead through the sales funnel, to a meeting or a call, and ultimately into becoming a paying client.

Honey Tasting Framework For Lead Nurturing

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