Importance of knowing how to create a high-quality prospect database

It's quite simple - you have to know the B2B prospects you need to outreach, market, or sell to, if you wish to sustain your business growth.

And what better way to know your prospects, than having a clean, structured and quality depository of your prospects' data?

This depository is your new database, containing highly-targeted prospects that can't wait to hear your business proposition.

Improve your outreach, marketing, sales or other campaign goals by having only relevant prospects in your focus!

What do our students have to say?

I found the course interesting, challenging and most of all, valuable! My knowledge about ICP has increased tremendously. Thank you for making the course so enjoyable! It exceeded my expectations.

After taking this database creation course, you'll be able to:

1. Have access to a reliable source of data

The data from your prospect database plays a critical role in establishing good relationships with your potential customers. The more you know about your customer, the better interaction can happen.

2. Know where and how to find your prospect' contact information

Correct contact information is key to having a successful marketing, outreach, sales or any other kind of campaign. You can rest easy knowing your data is solid.

3. Have 0 bounce rate on the emails you send

Keeping a clean mailing database will ensure your prospects are receiving and are exposed to the content you want them to see.

The 6-step database creation framework

1. Preparation

Before creating the database, make sure that you have a clear understanding of who you want and don't want in your database.

2. Prospecting companies

Everything you need to know on finding your ideal client companies, is covered here. Through a variety of search engine techniques and approaches, find the data you need.

3. Prospecting positions

See how you can find the positions within the companies which are the most likely to be interested in your offering.

4. Finding the contact's information

Learn how to find your prospect's contact information - direct business emails, direct phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles.

5. Lead automation

See what you can automate, and find the tool that suits you the most.

6. Quality control

Ensure your database's accuracy, by going over a couple of quality checks.

Meet your coach

Dancho Dimkov, MSc Executive MBA CMgr CMC is a B2B outreach consultant, serial entrepreneur and dedicated growth enthusiast. He is on a mission to help SMEs grow while taking into consideration their limited budgets.

His entrepreneurial spirit shone in early childhood, and at just 22 years old he was recognised as a ‘Global Innovator for 2009’. This award brought him speaking engagements at major events in different corners of the world, from Finland and India to Brazil and beyond.

From being a digital nomad to running a lucrative company, he’s committed to figuring out all the ins and outs of the outreach process. And he’s not afraid to face his fears. “As a founder of a bootstrapped consulting company, I can divulge that my main fear was not ensuring enough revenue to cover our monthly costs and not having some extra for investment in growth.”

Helping 450+ worldwide clients led him to the ‘40 under 40 award’ and gave him the foundation and the needed proof for the 6 step ZZ framework.

3-layer approach

Database creation framework
Database creation framework

Strategic, high-level overview of database creation, its framework elements, and uses.

How to do it
How to do it

A step-by-step guide on how to make a high-quality database containing high-quality prospects.

Resources & templates

A set of resources, tools and templates that will guide you through the database creation journey.

Course Content

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I loved every piece of it. Opened my eyes on where to look for my ICP
Dancho is one dedicated and sharp entrepreneur who explained everything in detail, in such a short amount of time. I don’t think anyone could have done it better! I can’t wait for future courses and lessons. Great job!
I must admit that I knew very little of it before I enrolled in this course. Dancho does a great job of explaining all of the steps required. From Identifying the market strengths and opportunities - to deciding on the conversation starters later on. All in all, a great course worth every penny.
I found this course so helpful; it gave me a good grounding understanding in the basics and all I need to know about the ICP. It was an interesting, challenging, and a rewarding experience. I can’t wait for the next courses offered in this area.
I love how informative this course is. It helped me understand how important it is to create an ICP, leading me step by step to obtain the perfect formula for it. Highly recommended!